1. What is a facial massage?

Facial massage is the second most popular spa treatment, defined as a beauty treatment with many health benefits. It can help slow down the aging process, to relieve stress and migraines, increase blood circulation, and allow skin to heal and repair itself a lot quicker from the damage and traumas we put it through on a daily basis.

2. Where can you experience a facial massage?

In Vietnam, both day and beauty spas, from budget to luxury ones, provide facial treatments. While day spas focus on developing relaxation facial care, beauty spas offer a more diverse menu of services which focus on specific issues of each skin type.

3. What are the main differences?

In a day spa, facial massage is carried out by a professional therapist, mainly using the strength and warmth of the palm and fingers to dilate the capillaries. A facial massage sounds daunting, but when performed correctly, it is tremendously relaxing. It focuses on draining away tension as well as lifting and sculpting the facial muscles, resulting in a more radiant skin. A thorough massage will include a neckline and ear area cleanse. In addition to hand massage, placing a towel on the nape of the neck for a few minutes can stimulate acupuncture points in the back of the head, preventing dizziness, improving thinking and increasing reactivity. A proper facial massage in a day spa requires well trained therapists following the principles of acupuncture since improper blood flow may lead to a risk of cardiovascular disease and loss of skin elasticity.

In beauty spas, facial massage can be done manually and by machine. Handheld high frequency vibration massage machines, sometimes featuring infrared rays, will help to relax facial muscles and increase the sense of comfort. Ultrasound (deep roller) deepens nutrients for the skin, reduces wrinkles, smoothes skin and increases elasticity. Hot and cold steam with a wide spray and moderate temperature induces a deeper detoxification effect and improves blood circulation. Some spas also have a skin scanner to help identify one’s skin type and skin condition. However, machines are not infallible and they could malfunction. Hence the importance of regular maintenance, not to mention ensuring the customer does not experience any pain and irritation during treatments.

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