Four-hands massage truly is an exceptionally heavenly experience, far superior to and more luxurious than single person massage. Two therapists, four hands, 10 fingers, working in choreographed movements apply overwhelming sensations of touch to the whole body. This therapy induces the most amazing level of relaxation and a complete sense of letting go. It improves blood circulation, strengthens the relaxation of muscles in a superior way and leads to a great sense of well-being.

La Spa’s four-hands massage employs an elegant technique resulting in a beautifully choreographed dance of four hands performed over the body. The therapists mirror each other’s movements with seamless fluid motions. One of the hardest aspects of this type of massage is ensuring each therapist applies exactly the same levels of pressure at the same time, equal speed and motion to avoid disunity. At La Spa the therapists are perfectly paired, they are in tune with each other working as one. Here, the four-hands massage technique has been superbly refined, reinforcing the notion that with this type of therapy the brain cannot discern which hand is doing what. In other words, the mind stops trying to work out what is going on and surrenders to pure relaxation. La Spa employs a variety of extremely smooth movements. So much so that it feels more than four hands at work as they continuously snake over the skin and muscles using long, circular, deep strokes.

How can one visually describe the sensations of La Spa’s four-hands massage? It can be likened to the beauty of synchronized swimming. A visual delight of grace and rhythm requiring strength and a synchronicity of artistic formation. If four-hands massage could be seen in color it would be a kaleidoscope. Fascinating patterns of colors and reflections continually moving to create seamless new beautiful forms.

La Spa four-hands massage – a sensory experience like no other.

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