The name ‘La Spa’ was chosen as a succinct way to explain our business and keep it aligned to the La Siesta operation. However, we soon realized the name carries more meaning as La Spa is perfectly reflects the spirit of our brand.

Firstly, keeping the prefix ‘La’ of the ‘La Siesta’ brand pays homage to the foundations of our operation and the values that have guided us over the past 10 years.  For our customers it retains a link and a level of familiarity with our original brand.

‘La’ means leaf in Vietnamese and this is the main raw ingredient in essential oils, herbal pillows and teas. Leaves are part of the Vietnamese people’s cultural traditions and daily life. They are used in traditional medicine, healthcare, beauty and skin care products, shampoos and saunas as well as in cultural and spiritual rituals to bring luck and good health.

La Spa’s new logo features four leaves in a closed circle. If you pay close attention, these leaves show their cycle life from young leaves until the leaves are old and continue to produce new young leaves. Contrary to the general idea of ​​the Asian that 4 will bring the bad luck, we believe that 4 is a symbol of great things: 4 seasons spring summer fall winter, 4 directions East West South North, the cycle life of each person with 4 periods birth aging disease death, 4 elements create heaven and earth: fire water soil wind … We believe that the number 4 is a perfect number with full energy and symbols for honesty, stability, solidity, credibility … which are all the qualities that La Spa brand  has been aiming for. La Spa’s new logo features four leaves inside a circle. Paying close attention one can see the leaves depict the cycle of life from young to old leaves and back to continual growth of  new young leaves. Contrary to the general belief that the number four brings bad luck in Asian cultures, we believe four symbolizes great and auspicious things: the four seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter) the four cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) the cycle of life: infancy, childhood, adulthood and renunciationthe four physical elements (fire, air water and earth). We believe four is a perfect number full of energy and symbolizing honesty, stability, solidity and credibility ….. qualities to which the La Spa brand aspires. Consequently, when entering La Spa one experiences and sees: four kinds of essential oils, four types of teas, four signature spa packages and four exclusive La Spa products (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion). Four is also important in our business ethics and our core values of being:

  • Professional and consistent
  • Luxury and world standard
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Caring for employees

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