Welcome to the third edition of La’gazine, La Spa’s bi-annual magazine keeping our customers updated with spa initiatives and cultural information.

The spa industry, the ultimate in indulgence forthe mind, body and soul, is constantly changing and evolving as it tailors the experience to the customer. La Spa has long been regarded as a trendsetter in Hanoi and Hoi An’s spa world. We never stand still as we refine and perfectour service. A new addition to La Spa’s menu is the four-hands massage therapy – the ultimate sensory experience. This technique induces deep relaxation both physically and mentally. Two therapists work seamlessly together applying the same amounts of pressure at the same time, mirroring each other’s strokes as four hands snake over the body. It is a heavenly experience far superior to single person massage. Indulge yourself in a kaleidoscope of sensations and a special feeling of well-being.

This edition of La’gazine focuses on La Spa’s four-hands massage technique and benefits, as well featuring different types of spas, as well as what makes La Spa so special. Our publication is compiled by the La Spa team. We introduce you, through varied articles, to daily life in our business and to Vietnam’s culture through the eyes of our people.

We hope you enjoy reading this magazine as well as having a great experience at La Spa and a good time in Hanoi or Hoi An.

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